Home Automation Package

What is it?

Basically this package is a collection of PHP scripts designed to enable control of both Visible Energy's Monostrip and a Radio Thermostat in a single, streamlined user interface. I wrote these scripts to control a room A/C connected to a Monostrip and an HVAC thermostat. Note that this is not meant as a full featured replacement of the remote access (cloud) features provided by the respective companies, but rather as a simple tool that integrates the functionality of both devices and does not depend on a cloud server.


  • Control On/Off behavior of the Monostrip
  • Control Home/Away settings of the Radio Thermostat
  • REST API to enable mobile app communication
  • Record thermostat usage to a local file
  • Generate historical usage charts on the fly
  • Android/iOS compatible interface coded in Command Fusion's iViewer


  • Visible Energy Monostrip installed
  • Radio Thermostat installed
  • Command Fusion's guiDesigner for mobile app
  • PHP >= 5.3 with SimpleXML and CURL modules
  • PHP graphing library or class such as PHPGraphLib
  • Basic knowledge of PHP


Simply redefine the variables $monoip and $tstatip to correspond to the network configuration of your setup. The graphing function for the thermostat requires that usage.php be configured as a scheduled task (Windows) or a cron job (Linux).

Follow these steps to configure the mobile app in guiDesigner:

  • 1) Double click on the system
  • 2) Modify the system to match your configuration

Lastly, modify the request URIs so they match your directory structure and access keys

Release Notes:

  • Version 1.4
    • Detects online status of the Monostrip before executing
    • Version 1.3
      • Bug fixed when graphing heat usage
      • Version 1.2
        • Automated script to record thermostat usage
        • Fixed issues presented when thermostat was in heat mode
      • Version 1.1
        • Centralized configuration file
        • Bug fixes

Web Interface

Mobile App